Name of case: United States v. Bradley Donovan Cherry
Case number: 3:96 CR 0082-EHJ 
Jurisdiction: United States District Court Western District of Kentucky, Louisville
Judge: Edward H. Johnstone
Result: Case dismissed

Bradley Cherry and his son were indicted in U. S. District for the Western District of Kentucky for allegedly conspiring to possess with intent to distribute hundreds of pounds of marijuana.  A Mexican truck driver was stopped in Kentucky where it was discovered that he had hundreds of pounds of marijuana in his semi-tractor trailer.  He told the authorities he was going to deliver his vehicle's contents to the Cherrys in Northern Ohio.  The driver did, in fact, take his truck to the Cherry's business in Ohio.  The trucker was wired by the DEA and a camera was installed in his truck.  The video allegedly showed our client attempting to persuade the driver, both verbally and with arm movements, to unload the contents of his truck at Mr. Cherry's place of business. 

We were able to persuade the government to dismiss the case against Mr. Cherry one week before trial.

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