Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

An individual should be extremely selective in deciding on a federal criminal defense attorney. The rules and procedures in federal court are markedly different than in most state courts. For instance, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are unique to federal court. More than anything, a person under investigation by federal authorities or already indicted by a federal grand jury should retain attorneys who spend a significant amount of time defending criminal defendants in federal court.

Scott Cox and Mike Mazzoli are both former federal prosecutors. They both worked on federal criminal cases almost exclusively while they were employed by the Department of Justice. Since they left the United States Attorney's Office, both men have concentrated their practices in the area of federal criminal defense.

Both Scott and Mike have been active in the Federal Criminal Bar. Scott has served previously on the Board of Directors of the Federal Public Defenders. Mike is currently the Chairman of that Board, having been appointed by Judge John G. Heyburn. Both men have been active in the Federal Bar Association, Scott having served as its president.


Scott C. Cox and Michael Mazzoli are among Kentucky's top criminal defense attorneys.

Since the formation of the law firm of Cox & Mazzoli, PLLC in 2001, they have become one of the premier legal practices in the state of Kentucky focusing on criminal defense. Theyʼve both been recognized as standing in the top rank of their profession by such authoritative sources as Best Lawyers in America, Kentucky Super Lawyers, and Louisville Magazine. Cox & Mazzoli have secured extraordinary results in some of the Kentuckyʼs highest profile criminal cases.