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Commonwealth v. Honorable William F. Stewart

Hung Jury; All Charges Dismissed

Case number: 05-CR-00035 Jurisdiction: Franklin Circuit Court Judge: John G. Potter, Special Judge

William Stewart was a duly elected circuit court judge serving three different counties in central Kentucky. He was indicted, along with his wife, for allegedly allowing his wife to work for him and receive pay from the state as one of his secretaries. The Kentucky Attorney Generals Office contended that the Judge's spouse did little or no work and that both were guilty of stealing her salary from the state.
The case was tried in Franklin Circuit Court. On March 9, 2006, the jury hung eight to four in favor of acquitting Judge Stewart. On August 1, 2006, we were able to persuade the Attorney General's Office to dismiss all charges against Judge Stewart. Judge Stewart is now retired from the bench and enjoys a successful private practice in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

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