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New York Judge Calls For Lower Prison Sentences

New York Judge Calls For Lower Prison Sentences

A Federal Judge in Brooklyn last week lobbied the U. S. to "Jettison the Madness of Mass Incarceration."  Federal Judge Raymond Dearie gave a speech attacking federal sentencing laws requiring mandatory sentencing guidelines and the practice of sentencing judges ignoring the socioeconomic roots of crime. 

Judge Dearie is the same judge who held last month that courts should consider the collateral consequences of convictions including such things as future ineligibility for public housing and the denial of government benefits.

The trend in U. S. public policy is for the government to become smarter on crime and to seek fewer sentences that involve incarceration.  Our firm is presently trying to take advantage of this trend by having our federal narcotics clients apply for pardons and commutations with President Obama prior to him leaving office in January 2017.

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