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Cox & Mazzoli PLLC offers zealous, effective, resourceful, and ethical representation to victims of catastrophic or fatal accidents involving large trucks, commercial vehicles and cars.

Collisions involving cars, semi trucks, tractor trailers, and other big rigs can cause traumatic, devastating, lifelong injuries and even wrongful death. Accidents can cause chemical exposures, pollutant discharges, and major explosions. The victim of a car or large truck accident can suffer extreme spinal and neck injuries, brain trauma, broken bones and severe damage to arms and legs, paralysis (including quadriplegia), seizures, and many other debilitating injuries. If you have experienced such an injury, or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a commercial vehicle accident, contact us for a free consultation – Cox & Mazzoli PLLC is ready to help you.

Victims of accidents involving automobiles and large vehicles experience pain and suffering, massive medical bills, and loss of employment, and may require lifelong nursing and rehabilitative care. Litigation against a trucking company can be complex and can involve claims against insurance carriers and assertion of vicarious liability (sometimes called “respondeat superior”) against the truck driver’s employer. Commercial vehicle accidents can be attributable to intoxication or the influence of drugs; speeding, reckless driving, or aggressive operation; driver fatigue, including cases when the driver exceeded Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) limits on consecutive hours of operation; an unsafe vehicle, an unstable load, defective equipment or mechanical failure; inadequate driver training or supervision, failure to inspect the truck or cargo, or insufficient maintenance practices; driver error; and many other causes. Cox & Mazzoli PLLC has the skill to bring these high-stakes cases to a successful conclusion.

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