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Election Results Affect Criminal Prosecutions

Election Results Affect Criminal Prosecutions

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency this past Tuesday might have a negligible effect on federal criminal statutes and federal criminal prosecutions by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky. While Mr. Trump has spoken out aggressively about curtailing violent crimes in America's inner cities, there is also the financial reality of increasing prosecutions and incarceration rates.  Some media outlets have opined that there will be a tremendous increase in private prisons.  We believe that the financial pressures associated with increased prosecutions will keep most prosecution and incarceration rates stable.

In a related matter, President Obama continues to commute federal criminal sentences at a record rate.  We encourage anyone with a family member in federal custody to seek out a pardon or commutation as soon as possible prior to President Obama leaving office in January 2017.

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