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Federal Criminal Defense (Part 1)

Federal Criminal Defense (Part 1)

The majority of our federal criminal defense clients retain us after federal agents have conducted a search warrant at their place of business and/or their homes.  Search warrants are court orders authorizing police officers and federal agents to come on to your property and search for evidence of criminal activity.  If federal agents (FBI, DEA, IRS, ATF, etc.) come to your home or business, let them in only after they have shown you a copy of the warrant. Then, ask them if you are under arrest or free to leave.  If you are permitted to leave, do so and call your attorney immediately.  The most important thing you can do to help yourself and your counsel as your case develops is to not make any statement to law enforcement.  Tell them you have counsel and your attorney will contact them later. 

The other way people learn about federal criminal cases is when they receive a target letter from the Department of Justice.  If you receive a target letter, call an experienced federal criminal defense attorney immediately.  Do not contact the prosecutor who sent the letter to you.


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