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United States v. Heavrin

Directed Verdict of Acquittal, All Counts

Case number: 3:99 CR 00113-JGH Jurisdiction: United States District Court Western District of Kentucky, Louisville Date of trial: July 2000 Judge: Joseph H. McKinley

Mr. Heavrin, a Louisville attorney, was indicted by the Federal Grand Jury for allegedly committing bankruptcy fraud among other federal crimes. It was alleged that Mr. Heavrin illegally acquired proceeds of a bankruptcy estate to which he was not entitled. After a five day trial in U. S. District Court in Louisville, Chief Judge Heyburn sustained our motion to direct a verdict of acquittal on behalf of Mr. Heavrin on all charges. In the fourth case of its kind in United States history, the Judge ordered the government to reimburse Mr. Heavrin for his attorney fees. See, United States v. Heavrin, 144 F. Supp. 2nd, 769 (WDKY 2001).

Mr. Heavrin continues to enjoy a successful private practice in Louisville.

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