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United States v. Horton, et al.

All Convictions Reversed on Appeal, Defendant Released from Prison

Case number: 3:98 CR 00052-JDM Type of case: Narcotics - cocaine Jurisdiction: United States District Court Western District of Kentucky, Louisville Date of trial: June 2006

Ms. Horton and her cousin were indicted for Possessing with Intent to Distribute more than five kilograms of powder cocaine. The police had conducted a search of Ms. Horton's apartment in west Louisville where the cocaine was located. A plea agreement was entered into with the government wherein both defendants agreed to serve lengthy prison sentences, but reserved their right to appeal the legality of the search of Ms. Horton's apartment.

The case was appealed shortly after they were incarcerated to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio. That Court reversed the trial court's decision not to suppress evidence against Ms. Horton and ordered her freed from prison. All charges were then dismissed by the trial court against her. See United States v. Heath, 259 F.3d 522, (6th Cir. 2001).

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