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Kentucky Enacts Felony Expungement Law

Kentucky Enacts Felony Expungement Law

Kentucky's Governor earlier this week signed into law Kentucky's first felony expungement statute.  This new law permits individuals to petition the Court in which they were convicted for expungement of their felony record.  The statute is limited to Class D felonies only (which includes 61 different laws in Kentucky) and may be filed by a person no sooner than five years after completion of the person's sentence or five years after the successful completion of the person's probation, whichever occurs later.

While not perfect this is a tremendous development in Kentucky's criminal justice system.  Call us if you believe you might qualify to have an old conviction expunged.  Our firm will be happy to assist you clean up your record.  This will help any individual in our competitive job market and should be pursued by anyone who is eligible.

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