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Commonwealth v. Polisky

Not Guilty Verdict, All Counts

Case number: 00-CR-00062 Type of case: Arson / Assault Jurisdiction: Judicial Circuit - Breckenridge County, Circuit Court, Division II

Mr. Polisky was an employee and co-owner of a Chrysler dealership in Breckenridge County, Kentucky. After allegedly being involved in a dispute with the co-owner, a fire was deliberately set in or around Mr. Polisky's office. Mr. Polisky and another individual were the last persons seen leaving the car dealership on the day the fire started. He and he co-defendant were charged with arson and with assault because a firefighter suffered a personal injury fighting the fire.

After a long, contentious trial in Breckenridge County, Mr. Polisky was acquitted on all counts.

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