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United States v. Coffman

Probated Sentence

Case number: 2:02 CR 00042-JBC-1 Type of case: Tax Jurisdiction: United States District Court Eastern District of Kentucky, Covington Judge: Jennifer B. Coffman

Mr. Coffman is a noted criminal attorney is Bowling Green, Kentucky. He was accused by the United States of wilful failure to pay taxes. We were able to negotiate a plea to misdemeanors for Mr. Coffman but, unfortunately, the United States Sentencing Guidelines called for a sentence of 18 months imprisonment.

We were able to successfully argue, however, that Mr. Coffman deserved a downward departure to probation because his gambling addiction prevented him from being able to appropriately pay his taxes. Our previous case of United States v. Sadolsky, was the precedent we utilized to help Mr. Coffman achieve his goal of probation.

Mr. Coffman received a public reprimand from the Kentucky Bar Association and continues to be a successful criminal defense attorney in Bowling Green, Kentucky today.

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